Hot Wife Wanting Gang Bang in Adelaide

Married and looking to push new limits. Have done mfm, but are really turned on by more men having turns on me.

Is anyone interested in playing, looking for 3 others plus huuby. Also would like to hear if others have done and how it felt. Watched movies on it, really turns us both on that men cant get enough of a horny wife/girl

28 f Sydney


28 f Sydney. I'm very shy in my normal life and people would be shocked, disgusted and horrified if they.knew.about some.of.the.sick, twisted.things.I fantasize about doing, having done to me and watching

I'm hoping to talk to.some interesting people about things that turn me on, and if I happen to find a like minded person to experiment with... great.

first time at gay spa

i went to a gay spa for the first time on the weekend.
it was amazing. i sucked 4 different guys cocks then had a guy take me from behind.
it was so good to afterwards be able to sit in the spa with other naked guys, then later i went up to the glory holes and had my c*#k sucked. absolutely amazing. will be heading back again

My fantasy

I have recently discovered the huge variety of BDSM web sites, some of them pretty yuk but many had my c*#k and sensitive nipples tingling and hardening. My fantasy now is to find a BDSM club or group that meets regularly in or near Canberra that would take an oldie like me as a member and let me indulge my (slight) sadistic yearnings e.g. I would only use a very soft whip and only use it lightly more to tickle than to cause much pain. For the masochistic bit I am open to suggestions and willing to try most of what I have seen on the web ; for instance, my nipples would respond well to a bit of light torturing. Can anyone help with my fantasy?


curious in the same sex

my dirty secret .

I know its rather crude , but i cant help myself , every chance i get i go thru the wash basket for my wives dirty knickers . i luv the smell of  pussy ! it makes me so horny . the  worst part is , its not just her panties i smell . the step daughter lives with us too , 22yo sexy size 8 . I know this is creepy , and god help me if i get caught ( especially with the girls panties !! ) . I even check out freinds wash baskets if i get the chance .

Favorite Form Of Birth Control?

What is your favorite form of birth control?


a woman or man has sexual intercourse with a large group